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Wizdom Powell Hammond
There are few days that pass without a thought or memory of Jessie. Thoughts of her are especially present today on her birthday. Her passing has had a profound impact on how I work, live, and connect with those I care about. She lives forever in my memory and heart.
Marie Schied
It will one year since Jessie passed away.I miss her talks,smile,humor,stories of where she visited
and her outlook on life.Jessie was a very special person.
Leah Symekher

Dearest Jessie:


As tears of sorrow and saddness run down my cheeks with a deep longing to see you again I am flooded with wonderful shared memories that ease this aching heart with comforting warmth, reassurance and eventually a smile. 


We have laughed, cried, danced, travelled, encouraged and comforted each other since 1992 when our lives first crossed paths in Seattle.   We hugged lives joys and took on the challenges.  I could always count on and appreciated your honesty and integrity.  I hold dear the silliest of memories to the most serious. 


I quote:  " It is not the years in our life that matter but the life in your years." 


Jessie Satia, you made life abundant each day and I can only thank you with my whole heart for inviting me to share in this life experience with you.


I love you and will miss you dearly.


Leah Symekehr


Lynne Brody

Jessie was a generous, kind spirit who was always concerned about the welfare of others.  Even when she was quite ill herself she would always ask about others-my daughter, the child of a friend, anyone she knew that was ill or struggling.   I will miss her very much.


I have many wonderful memories of Jessie but one of my favorites is a slumber party we had in Bellevue in 1995. She was an amazing cook and had made dinner for us -- chicken in peanut sauce, rice and chapati. Throughout the entire visit, I laughed so hard my face hurt. In the midst of my laughter, I can remember her saying "Cheryl, I'm serious..." just before she would share her perspective on whatever topic we were discussing at the moment. We talked about our school work, our school governance, politics, religion, tv, pop culture, you name it...we had opinions about it! Although funny, she was always kindhearted and positive, and she knew God. There was  a plaque near the front door of her home that read "As for me and my house, we will praise the Lord." Another angel has received her wings.

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